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  • 2019 07 15
    IDT-1500 Interactive Table
    small multimedia table that meets the interactive discussion of 6~8 people. It is not only suitable for single group discussion, with powerful control functions integration
  • 2019 04 25
    Portable Multimedia Lectern
    integrated many products like multimedia controller, desktop display, 2.4g wireless microphone, etc., help the speaker break away from the traditional power
  • 2019 03 04
    IWM-302 Whiteboard?Bracket
    A mobile whiteboard bracket with adjustable height, made of aluminium alloy. It is light, strong and simple in appearance. It is suitable for installation of different brands and sizes of whiteboard. It sells well in many countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
  • 2019 03 04
    TVM-201 TV Screen Bracket
    A mobile LCD TV bracket with double partition, made of steel tube and LCD hanging plate is made of 3mm steel plate. The weight of LCD TV can reach 120 Kg. It meets the weight of various interactive LCD TV. It is the best choice for meeting and education places.
  • 2019 03 04
    TVM-500 TV Screen Bracket
    An electric liftable LCD TV bracket, made of aluminium alloy, the maximum load is 120 Kg. It can fully meet the weight of various sizes of interactive LCD TV. Simple and generous appearance is the best choice for meeting, education and other places.
  • 2019 03 04
    PM-40X Short Throw Projector?Bracket
    PM401-PM406 short throw projector bracket, used for short throw projector and ultra short
  • 2019 03 04
    A learning and training table with flip table, which can move freely and assemble freely. Desktop design with splicing locking device, stable and reliable, easy to use, excellent mold manufacturing, is the best partner of high-end training classrooms and multi-functional classrooms.
  • 2019 03 04
    Through intelligent control of flat panel and network control, curtains, lighting, temperature, ventilation and other facilities in the classroom can be controlled to make the human body feel comfortable. The control and management of teaching environment and multimedia equipment can be realized, and the whole process and effect of control can be monitored.
  • 2019 03 04
    It is composed of electronic whiteboard, projector, digital power amplifier and other equipments and supporting software. Question answerers are installed on each table to promote teacher-student interaction, instead of traditional blackboard teaching, dust-free teaching is realized and the health of teachers and students is protected.
  • 2019 03 04
    According to the conditions of Internet permission, users can join at any time and anywhere to realize all-round interaction between teachers and students, including course notification, classroom interaction, online question answering, course discussion area communication and access to required resources and services.
  • 2019 03 04
    The recording and broadcasting system is composed of video camera and supporting recording and broadcasting software, which provides functions of image data storage, playback and on-demand for the teaching process. Installation of video cameras before and after the classroom can collect the real-time teaching situation in the classroom and transmit it to the terminal management computer.
  • 2019 03 04
    Through wireless screen projection and discussion picture push, it provides a platform for discussion, record and display. It allows teachers and students to have a full discussion, let students participate in academic discussion and sharing, and carry out teaching activities, academic exchanges and brainstorming.
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